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The impact of substance abuse and mental health issues spans individuals, families and communities. In 2013, an estimated 23.1 million Americans ages 12 and older needed some type of treatment for illegal drug or alcohol use. Many of these people are also impacted by a mental health diagnosis as well. The benefits of prevention, treatment and recovery are obvious and necessary in order to create better relationships with yourself, your body, your future, your family and your community. Perhaps you feel that you’re not using alcohol or marijuana or some other substance to excess. Every drug you take leeches something from you; certainly your health is impacted no matter what your substance of choice is.

Perhaps you feel you need something to help deal with your life. You are just taking the edge off, you think. You might imagine you have a handle on your use and it’s not having a negative effect on your life. Think again. Be honest with yourself. Everything you put in your body has an effect on you. Learning to cope with your life and the challenges you face can be achieved once you are ready to change your choices.

Time to take a personal inventory. Is a substance eroding your life? What are you losing by continuing to use? Depending on what substance you use, you could be trading your usage for a shorter time on this Earth. If heroin is your drug of choice, you could be gambling with your life with your very next fix. The latest batch of heroin from China was cut with Fentanyl, making a prescription painkiller that is cheaper than heroin, but 100 times more potent than morphine, causing the user to overdose. With illicit drugs, you can never be certain what the drug has been cut with. With meth, it does have destructive properties that eat up your internal organs and cause serious health conditions. With cocaine, it may be cut with relatively harmless talc or it could be cut with something that kills you.

This heroin epidemic that has swept the United States has severely impacted states across the map. In one small town in West Virginia in Huntington, a town of just 49,000 people, 27 people suffered from heroin overdoses in just four hours, necessitating the county coroner to stack up the bodies on top of each other because their due to lack of space.  Fentanyl, the very powerful opioid that is often used to augment street opioidsis, is the same substance that the singer/composer Prince overdosed on.

There is work you must do in order to kick whatever is controlling you and causing you to look outside of yourself for a solution. No matter what you use, after the drug wears off, there you are, still stuck with the same problems. Getting help means you will find out more about yourself and learning new coping skills.

It’s an internal journey that you must make in order to understand how to live in the world without being overwhelmed or frustrated. The first step is recognizing that a substance is impacting your life. The second step is doing something about it. If you have insurance, find out what is covered and how you can get the help you need before your family has to deal with the loss of you.

I have seen lovely individuals overdose, die or repeatedly relapsing because they’ve been on a drug so long, they don’t know how to cope without using as a buffer to dealing with life. No matter what you use and how long you’ve used it, there is hope for you. Most addicted folks started in their teens. The drugs stole from them the critical emotional development stages that are crucial at that stage, and here they are, maybe ten or twenty years later, older but no better able to cope than when they started using.

If you are afraid, don’t worry. Professionals know what challenges you are facing and they know how to help. So reach out to the recovery community for help. If you are unsure of how to begin, try attending an AA meeting or call your insurance company and ask what kind of coverage you have. There are programs that can help but you have to take the first steps. Advocate for your life. Be on your own side and find out what resources are available to you and then take the steps to end drugs controlling you and putting your health and your life at risk.

Acting on your own behalf to end your dependence and free yourself to grow and evolve is worth all your efforts and will help you make sure you are around for a long time and can grow and thrive. ~ STAY JUICY! 


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I have found a few Japanese words I learned from the spiritual organization I have been involved with for 30 years has great meaning for me. Kototama, is a word reflecting your behavior and attitude. It determines what you put out to the world through your speech and intentions. It’s reflects how you navigate the world and what you do as a response to your challenges and responses to those challenges.

Kototama is taught us the importance of these actions because the vibration of the words you use, have sound vibration that create effects specific to their intent.  Emoto’s work with water has shown how ugly words create distorted formations in frozen cross-sections of the water exposed to those words. Words that are loving, create beautiful crystals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFDYhG5rvqM

Sonen is the word describing someone’s inner most attitude. This is important because what you say and think from your innermost being is what your life looks like. Your life reflects what you believe in, your feelings and thoughts, and choices you make.

Your thoughts (silent words) and verbal words create your reality. Everything creates and comes into form from the vibration of sound waves. The bible says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.”

Never forget: there is a consequence for every thought you think and every word you speak. Consider that before casually throwing out anything into the ethers. That act will either harm or help you. What goes around surely comes back around. When it returns to you, do you want it to be full of mercy, grace and feel great? That’s the level of positive energy you must send out. If you’re always fearful and scared, you attract fearful and scary events. It’s time to become conscious. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are CoCreating our world with every action and word we choose. If you’re not happy with your life, consider changing your thoughts and intentions toward others.

Your attitude IS everything.  I find the happiest and most successful individuals understand this core tenet. I realize that we often lose out on many opportunities because we simply didn’t possess the self-confidence to believe in our innate power. Nor, do we realize we are in control of our destiny. Instead, we give our power away to others. It’s about choice. We can second guess our abilities and undervalue our strengths ~OR~ we can recognize that we can choose to succeed regardless of our challenges, because our challenges are there to propel us forward, not hold us back.


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Now that we have had a couple weeks of isolation, we’ve had time to think. What is this time? Nothing like this have ever happened in our history. Business has come to a screeching halt and when this over, many things won’t survive.

After the initial fears of the virus have started to fade slightly, there has been some time to think about your life and priorities. I have enjoying spending time with family I see. I’m thinking it’s not so bad sleeping late and not being afraid I’ll miss something. My significant other, Stephen, has shown what he’s made of by remaining caring and thoughtful to everyone who counts on him. Instead of moaning about business losses and disaster talking, he’s concerned about his employees welfare. He’s being a wonderful companion to me.

What are you thinking? Are you thought still in survival mode (will I have enough toilet paper) or can you begin to think about the grace you have? Right now, you have shelter, you have something to eat. Perhaps if you begin finding reasons to feel gratitude and express it for what you have, you will begin to have more. The words you say to yourself and others are important. If they come from worry and fear, that will not help. If they come from hope and love, they will heal.

This is important work. You are here for a reason. Everyone is. Discover what you are passionate about and spend time exploring it. Now is gift or time like never before. You aren’t distracted with the hustle of everyday life. You can listen the rhythms of your body and do what feels right in every moment. How about all the things you were going to do if only you had time. Isn’t this the ideal time to read those books you were going to get around to? Do what makes you happy.

How about it?

Remember when you were little and you really believed in miracles? Believe in them again because this a time of miraculous transformation on the Earth. We are lucky to be alive now. Remember to love yourself. And…



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There are only two ways to approach life. One approach is from fear based and the other is love. A fear based approach offers very few options. You have the choice of only three actions: Run, Hide or Fight. Doesn’t that sound appealing? Is fear is your reaction to challenges and new situation? Do you believe things won’t work out for you, even before you try?


What if you want to live and enjoy life instead. Most of us don’t realize all the doubts we have and the negative self-talk that goes on in our heads comes from having a fear based orientation to life. Actually, most of us come from fear. We have been socialized to fear everything along with believing we are powerless. You are extremely powerful. You just need to work on remembering this.

Now consider the other approach. Having a love orientation means you approach life with open curiosity, enjoy your experiences, nurture yourself and others and generally enjoy life. If you are interested in switching your orientation, it takes a daily effort because change is a process. There isn’t a magic fix or a one time exercise that turns your thinking around. But there are many ways you can learn to be happy, to enjoy your life and to reach daily fulfillment.


Here are some of those way:

1.  Listen to the voice within– Your intuitive voice is always going to tell you the truth. If you listen to what you are genuinely feeling, rather than what your intellect tells you, the choices you make will lead you toward what is best for you.

2.  Believe in yourself– If you don’t believe you are capable of attracting exactly what you need into your life, how would you expect this to happen? You have so much talent and goodness to add to the world. Every single person is a unique divinely wrought soul, put on Earth to be fully who they are. Find out who you truly are by exploring within.

3.  Stay present– This is one of the most important paths to happiness. When we spend our time regretting the past or feeling the pain of past disappointments, we are robbing ourselves of the chance to be happy. Right in this moment, there is nothing wrong. Look around you. Find something to be amazed by, entertained by or simply grateful for. If you spend most of your time in the past, you aren’t seeing the blessings you have right now.

4.  Be grateful– Do you realize 90% of the world doesn’t have hot running water or even enough clean water to drink? You were born in a country that is flawed, but still offers the greatest opportunities for ease of life. There will always be someone else with more “stuff”. Don’t waste your envy on them. Research shows that wealth does not equate to happiness. Sure, it would be great to have more money to pay your bills. But the important things in life really can’t be bought. be grateful for who you are and treasure your intrinsic inner riches.

5.  Wake up and adjust your attitude– If you stay in bed an extra minute or two making your decision to have a good day, you will. Your attitude has everything to do with your experience. If you recognize everything that happens to you is for your highest good, you will embrace your experiences, rather than fear them.

6.  Start off your day with a smile– There’s that attitude thing again. If you walk out the door with a smile anticipating your day, you are more likely to have a good one. If you start your day in dread, there’s no way you will be objective about what happens from then on. You have the power to set your day in motion with your attitude. Don’t believe that? Try it.

7.  Be kind to others– Everyone else on the planet is trying to find their way just like you. Cut people slack. Go out of your way to be helpful and kind. The more you change your orientation toward one of service to others, the faster your life will turn around. The secret is that when you are thinking of others, you get out of your own problems. The more you are of service, the happier you will become. Every act you do that is estimable, adds to your self-esteem.

8.  Appreciate others– Do you show appreciation for the people in your life, the folks you work with and your friends? The more you express your gratitude and appreciation of others, the more positively they will see you and respond to you. Tell people what you like about them every opportunity you get. Let others know how much you care for them and appreciate them being in your life all the time. Don’t wait until their birthday to get them a card or to drop a note of appreciation. The more you practice this, the happier you will be.

9. Try a gratitude-attitude adjustment– The more grateful you are about everything the happier and more positive your life will become. Just like the fear/love choice, gratitude for what you have brings in more to be grateful for. This is a guaranteed path toward greater happiness and peace of mind.

10. Spend time with positive people– Who do you spend your time with? Are your friends positive or do they spend their time complaining. Your environment is critical to your emotional well-being. Choose happy, positive friends and their well-being will rub off on you.

11. Listen to music– When you find yourself in fear, listen to music that lifts you up. Music is one of the best remedies for a bad attitude or unhappiness. Music transforms and lifts us from our negativity when it’s the kind of music that is beautiful or just something you personally resonate with. We all have music that we love. Find out what works for you.

12. Be kind to yourself– Beating yourself up never solves anything. We all make mistakes but we do this so we can learn. Accept your past experiences as lessons on planet Earth and learn from them. If you keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, examine your belief system. You must challenge your beliefs to change your experiences. You are worthy of happiness. You are a divine soul.

13. Learn patience– We run around impatient for everything to happen, not trusting what we want will happen in the perfect time for us. If you push something to happen, you risk altering the natural flow of how it’s supposed to unfold. Learn to trust that everything is exactly as it should be. Things will change for you when you develop trust and patience. Then you will see the pattern in all things and realize the best action is patience.

14. Take care of yourself– know you are worthy of great health, loving relationships and a fulfilling life. Do whatever you need to do in order for these things to happen for you. Take your vitamins, drink lots of water, go for walks, spend time alone with yourself, and eat right. If you take care of your inner needs, you will be in a better position to handle the outside events of your life.

15. Pray– Your greatest gift is prayer. From a deep place within you, ask for guidance as to how you can change your life in a way that best serves you and others. Place your value on things that aren’t physical. A gorgeous house will never replace a loving relationship. Check your prayers and make certain you are asking for things that will enrich your life spiritually, rather than materially. “Money can’t buy me love” says the Beatles. They may have lots of it but they know the difference.

16. Value yourself– If you don’t think much of yourself, no one else will. Be proud of who you are and what you bring. If you haven’t discovered what that is yet, spend some time listing your assets. If you aren’t proud of how you operate in the world, change. You aren’t stuck with your history and it doesn’t have to define you. Every day is a new opportunity to be a better you.

Always believe in yourself

And remember~ Stay Juicy!


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Life goes by so quickly that it doesn’t make any sense to allow past pain to continue to harm you. The original experience was painful enough for one lifetime, wasn’t it? Yet each time you remember that past injury or hurtful experience, you are forcing yourself to re-experience the emotional pain that accompanied the experience all over again. Wasn’t once enough?


don't ruin new day with yesterday


Did you know that your body doesn’t know the difference between something happening to you right now and something you are simply remembering? Each time you remember the painful experience and feel the pain of that memory, your body experiences the chemical and cellular changes exactly as if you were living in that moment again. In a way, you’re being a bully to your body by repeatedly attacking its wellbeing. Threatening experiences create physically changes disrupting your homeostasis.


arrow focus forward


Whenever your brain perceives some type of potential pain or danger, it activates your stress response, aka the fight or flight response. This causes a physiological reaction you would feel like anxiety symptoms. This is a natural mechanism that occurs the moment you remember the painful experience. These symptoms are caused by a rush of survival hormones. If you are someone who frequently thinks about how others have hurt you, you’re continually harming your system. It’s very hard on your body when you experience continued stressful situations and this can cause you to produce a lasting, low-level state of stress.




As your stress level stays activated, it continues pumping stress hormones which causes you to have stressful experiences. As a consequence, it can cause symptoms, like:

  • insomnia
  • overeating
  • irritability & moodiness
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • anxiety attacks and panic
  • episodes of sadness and depression
  • feeling constantly pressured, hassled
  • allergy reactions like asthma, eczema and hives
  • physical symptoms ~ chest pains, stomach aches, headaches


This is the truth. Every change, everything that doesn’t work out the way you thought it should, was an experience you had to have in order to direct you on your current path. Everything happens for a reason, and if we learn from the experience and then let the pain of it go, we can move forward with more clarity and appreciation for what we have now.



So start making nice to yourself. Start appreciating your life and blessings now and only move forward. Stay current and vital by connecting with nature and watching how fresh and alive nature always stays.



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Having self-esteem means having confidence in your own worth and abilities; having self-respect, dignity, and faith in yourself. This has to come from within yourself, from a strong sense of liking who you are and feeling okay with all your experiences, even the difficult ones, for the lessons they have taught you.

Do you have pride in yourself and your accomplishments? Navigating life is a huge accomplishment that many don’t give themselves credit for. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like to anyone else. What matters is how you feel about your own choices. Can you feel good about yourself no matter what anyone else may say or think about you?



Regardless of your history, your childhood, your school performance or any other factor in your life, you have a choice every day to believe in yourself and to do your best. We can’t change the past. We actually need to realize that whatever happened in our pasts, what we do about our lives today and every next day is totally up to us. Sure, things happen to us that seem out of our control like losing a job or ending a relationship. These are external factors. They should not have any effect on who you are inside; your intrinsic inner self. These are temporary situations that will change as your life continues on.

What happens to the CEO or other leaders when they retire or lose their titles? Often depression and a sense of great loss happens to people who allow an external factor like a job title or position define them. Power of a sorts may come with leadership roles but the true power lies within each of us. The greatest power is self-mastery and living life authentically. We all have the power to decide how we will react to what happens to us. Will we be the victim of our lives or victorious because of the hardships we’ve experienced and the persons we are as a result of those experiences?

find happiness within first

Relationships and job titles don’t define you. When you have a strong core of belief in yourself and your ability to recover and go on, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Too often we look for confirmation of our worthiness in someone else’s eyes. No one knows us as well as we can know ourselves. No one can love us any more than we love ourselves. When we decide to create our own inner happiness, we become more lovable to others. Happiness is a choice regardless of what’s going on because it’s a decision. Every day we have the option to look at our lives and situations with an attitude of gratitude for what we have, or we can choose to focus on what we don’t have.

Unfortunately we all fall prey to the socialization we receive from our culture and influences that makes us feel less than others based on superficial and materialistic factors like how we look and what we have. Just hang out at your local elementary school and watch the playground politics at work. Even those little guys are making decisions about friendships and acting in ways that mimic the same insecurities or beliefs you hold. It’s time to rethink and rebel.   Don’t kick yourself just because you’re stuck in where you’ve been socially indoctrinated to be. Rethink your options and choose to be free of the oppressive influence of other’s opinions of you or anyone/anything. You have the right to be uniquely and authentically you. Get out there and amaze yourself at how wonderful you are when you can live from a place of gratitude and humility for your life.   You will make mistakes but so what? If you never try you can bet you’ll never get anywhere. Be scared and try anyway. Life is a great adventure. Find out for yourself.

Always believe in yourself

Self-esteem comes from an inner decision to accept ourselves, and to be kind and gentle with ourselves. If you find yourself being critical of others, it’s directly a clue that you are self-critical. When you accept yourself, you don’t care what anyone else chooses because you know how freeing it is to be okay with your life and your choices.

Lose the shackles of self-judgment and self-criticism and realize you are exactly as you are supposed to be and loveable because you are you. Only you hold the power to unchain yourself from your perceived limitations and to embrace your wonderful uniqueness. I say “Power to the People” to recognize their own beauty and holiness.

Love yourself and everyone else and you will overflow with self-esteem ~ STAY JUICY!




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Driving home north over the Grapevine (the interstate 5 freeway) last night, the rain relentlessly poured down, making vision difficult in the moonless night. Suddenly, traffic halted and remained stopped for two solid hours. Eventually I realized we were being removed from the freeway and redirected to the closest off ramp. There were hundreds of cars already parked lining the lanes paralleling the freeway and adjacent roads. That two-hour wait was how long it took to slowly allow four lanes of traffic to exit one vehicle at a time.

you can control your reactions


After exiting the freeway, all I could do was drive down an unlit street and park my car with everyone else’s. A truck pulled up behind me and parked. As the gentleman opened his door and got out, I asked him if he knew what the trouble was. Mud slides of course! It was 39 degrees and all we could do was huddle in our vehicles and hope the emergency machinery would appear soon to remove the mud. Luckily the rain had stopped.


Although I used to be the CEO of the Kern American Red Cross and I knew what one was supposed to carry in their cars in case of emergencies, I had recently emptied my trunk in order to transport a large amount of stuff, and had not replaced my storage box of essentials. Luckily, my daughter had just bought me a pair of fingerless mittens from Knott’s Berry Farm on sale from their Mystery Store, left over from Halloween Fright Night, and given me a wonderfully soft black scarf. Putting them on, I was appreciative of having some items to stave off the chilling cold. Looking around, I appreciated the tall trees lining the road and the fact that there was someplace in nature to be while awaiting the outcome of the situation.


spend time in nature


I had not eaten since lunch and a headache was starting to pound away. Again, luckily I had a bottle of water, Advil and a bag of kettle corn my daughter had sent me home with. As I munched on the kettle corn in semi-comfort, I wondered how many of the other stranded passengers had the luxuries I was enjoying.


After only two hours, the roadway was cleared and we all got to continue our trips onward. Even though people were cold and extremely late for where ever they were originally headed, at nearly midnight, they cooperated gracefully to allow the competing lines of traffic to merge onto the freeway, one car from each line in an amazing show of humanity and generosity of spirit.


Had we been there many hours longer, other essentials would have been necessary in order to comfortably survive the night. So even though you will likely never find yourself stranded in your car in the cold of a dark night, there are a few essentials that would be helpful to have in your car in case you do.


be thankful


Always carry water with you. If you can place a Tupperware or related kind of container in the truck filled with essentials, you’ll be ahead of the game. Some kind of energy bars are a good idea and you can change them out before the date expires. A blanket is critical in cold weather to hold in your body heat. Have a sweatshirt with a hoodie or anything to cover your head is critical too as we lose 80% of our body heat through our heads. Nature will call if you’re stranded long enough so carry toilet paper with you. A flashlight and a battery operated radio are helpful and make sure your cell phone is charged so you can notify the people who are expecting you at the other end of your journey. Naturally a first aid kit is helpful at all times.


As we entered the freeway and began really moving, I was so very grateful for having had the experience. It was an adventure that had been a safe one and was yet another example of how fortunate we are to live in a country that has the infrastructure to send out emergency vehicles immediately to help in situations like this.


world full of nice people


The freedom of being able to drive home safely and eventually climb into my warm bed made me even more grateful for the luxuries of my life. How much do we take these things for granted? You can bet I am more grateful than ever before. So many people are homeless in weather even colder than 39 degrees, without food, water or blankets. Be grateful for what you have.


Life is sweet! ~ STAY JUICY!




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In life, you get back what you put into it. When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Every act you make either helps or hinders you, whether you realize this or not. The unkind ones will always bring unkindness to you. Learning this truth is one of the most important lessons in life. When you allow past harms to make you untrusting and closed off, you are also closing yourself off to the possibilities of great happiness.


happiness project


Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even when you think they don’t deserve this. Do this because you are a nice person. What you put out always comes back to you. Rudeness and unkindness from others will find its way back to them; you can bet on that.


Choose to spend time with people whom you are glad to know, people you admire, and who love and respect you. Choose people who make your day better because they have a positive outlook and want to share it with you.  Don’t waste your time with negative people.  Life is too short to spend time with folks who bring you down and erode your happiness and peace of mind.


Be a positive person for yourself and those around you. You never know how much your smile can change someone’s day. Instead of worrying, have the orientation of patience, faith and positivity. Things may seem precarious right now but all positive actions are rewarded. You may not see immediate results but the more you choose peace of mind and faith instead of worrying, the more peace you will find.




Listening to your head without first engaging your heart will often remind you of all the things that can go wrong for you. Listening to your heart will offer alternative thoughts on every situation and give you a better understanding of how to navigate your problems. If others have caused you pain, listen with your heart the next time someone comes into your life. You will be able to prevent future pain by choosing the people your heart agrees are good for you. This means that judging by external appearances or by any other reason than what’s good for you can lead to pain. If this hasn’t worked for you in the past,  (looks are only what’s on the outside; it’s what’s inside that counts) learn this lesson now.


happiness can only come when you're on the rt path


Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right path is for you. Since we can’t see the future, if we live our lives with intentions of causing others no harm, with generosity of spirit and kindness, we will be building futures of happiness for ourselves. This doesn’t mean we won’t face challenging times. Life is about lessons we experience through our interactions and relationships. These lessons can be painful for sure, but the goal is to learn the message of the lesson the first time so it doesn’t have to show up again.





This can be one of the hardest concepts to accept, yet everything works out the way it is intended to work. You may need many things to happen first before you can accept what you believe you want. If the perfect person for you steps into your life too early, you won’t recognize them and will have lost that opportunity. If you think you want a particular resolution or outcome, but you aren’t ready for that which you desire, many experiences may need to be had in order to prepare you for this outcome.


If  living life the way you have been doing isn’t working out, change the way you view life. Nothing external to you can change until you change. It’s time to quit feeling like a Victim. When you spend time feeling like life and people have victimized you, you are lowering your vibration so much, it’s difficult for you to attract higher vibrational people and experiences to you. Positive people like to be around others whom they can harmonize with. Deciding to leave past pain in the past and opening yourself to new adventures and experiences with more positive people will bring greater ease and happiness into your life.


you can control your reactions


Choose to see your life as an adventure, waking up each day with a sense of gratitude for another opportunity to live and learn is the way to go. Gratitude for everything is one of the easiest ways to find yourself happy and content. So, time to quit focusing on what’s wrong and instead, focus on all the things that you can be grateful for. This will bring into your life more happiness and gratitude for what is working.

And remember that staying young, vital and juicy is a matter of letting go of the thoughts and events that weigh you down and cause you to dry up. Life is happening right now in this minute and in each next minute; choose to be engaged in the wonders of life. Maintaining more positive thoughts and actions will keep you young and vibrant. ~ STAY JUICY!


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This message from John 1:1 in the New Testament tells us that the Word is a spiritual energy and that energy is God. From that God Energy comes all things that have ever existed and are yet to be created, eternally . Every bird that has ever flown, every rock and tree, every person different from you, and you, yourself, are all expressions of this God Energy. If everyone and everything is made of God Energy, then everything and everyone is sacred. When we act disrespectfully to nature or to another person, we are distorting the energy of God through our words or actions.


Every word we speak has a vibrational energetic coding that is either high, because our intention is loving, or low, because we just cursed out someone who almost blindsided us. Our utterances either add loving energy or its opposite into the collective God Energy in which we are all connected. All positive spoken words help you and everyone you love and care about. Adding to the negative does the opposite to you and yours. When you understand this, you choose to have intentions of mercy and happiness to all, including yours. The more people who do this, the sooner we will get to that state of Grace.





We are constantly given another chance to redeem our bad behavior. Life gives us every next day to do it differently, to make kinder choices, to show more compassion. No matter what mistakes you’ve made and choices you regret, every next day you awake gives you another chance to change the trajectory of your life. Are you making choices that feed your soul, help others and make you feel proud of yourself ? You can only do this if every choice you make is life affirming; meaning with an attitude and intention of becoming a true reflection of the God Energy you are made of and promoting healing in everyone’s path you cross.



all we have is now- tolle



There is always only now, this day, this minute and then the next. Living each day with honor and gratitude, respecting all, leads to a happier, more ease-filled life. It doesn’t take long to see the difference in your life as soon as you smile more, have faith and hope of God’s perfect intentions for you. His Plan is the best for us. We are afraid to trust this so we make choices and take actions out of fear.


Every day we open our eyes to a new morning, we are blessed beyond measure because we get to live out another day. Another day of choices and opportunity to choose happiness for ourselves and others is so valuable. Yet it takes looking into the mirror squarely and owning yourself, warts and all. No one is imperfect since we are all living expressions of the Word, God’s Love for us. Since you are perfect exactly as you are in this moment, you will find it easier to accept and love yourself the more you can look in the mirror. Choosing integrity, transparency and self-love makes living life easier.



as i began to love myself



When you love yourself, you cease judging others and finding fault because you know that only God understands the big picture and that it’s your job to help other people see the divine Godly Energy they are made of so they can also learn to love themselves. This is the answer to all problems on the planet. Love thy brother as you love yourself only works if you love yourself first.


Love yourself unconditionally. Know, as Louse Hays says in her new book Life Loves You that you are loveable. Let life love you today and every next day and ~ STAY JUICY!