Now that we have had a couple weeks of isolation, we’ve had time to think. What is this time? Nothing like this have ever happened in our history. Business has come to a screeching halt and when this over, many things won’t survive.

After the initial fears of the virus have started to fade slightly, there has been some time to think about your life and priorities. I have enjoying spending time with family I see. I’m thinking it’s not so bad sleeping late and not being afraid I’ll miss something. My significant other, Stephen, has shown what he’s made of by remaining caring and thoughtful to everyone who counts on him. Instead of moaning about business losses and disaster talking, he’s concerned about his employees welfare. He’s being a wonderful companion to me.

What are you thinking? Are you thought still in survival mode (will I have enough toilet paper) or can you begin to think about the grace you have? Right now, you have shelter, you have something to eat. Perhaps if you begin finding reasons to feel gratitude and express it for what you have, you will begin to have more. The words you say to yourself and others are important. If they come from worry and fear, that will not help. If they come from hope and love, they will heal.

This is important work. You are here for a reason. Everyone is. Discover what you are passionate about and spend time exploring it. Now is gift or time like never before. You aren’t distracted with the hustle of everyday life. You can listen the rhythms of your body and do what feels right in every moment. How about all the things you were going to do if only you had time. Isn’t this the ideal time to read those books you were going to get around to? Do what makes you happy.

How about it?

Remember when you were little and you really believed in miracles? Believe in them again because this a time of miraculous transformation on the Earth. We are lucky to be alive now. Remember to love yourself. And…


~ by Lorraine E. Castro on April 13, 2020.

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