In life, you get back what you put into it. When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Every act you make either helps or hinders you, whether you realize this or not. The unkind ones will always bring unkindness to you. Learning this truth is one of the most important lessons in life. When you allow past harms to make you untrusting and closed off, you are also closing yourself off to the possibilities of great happiness.


happiness project


Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even when you think they don’t deserve this. Do this because you are a nice person. What you put out always comes back to you. Rudeness and unkindness from others will find its way back to them; you can bet on that.


Choose to spend time with people whom you are glad to know, people you admire, and who love and respect you. Choose people who make your day better because they have a positive outlook and want to share it with you.  Don’t waste your time with negative people.  Life is too short to spend time with folks who bring you down and erode your happiness and peace of mind.


Be a positive person for yourself and those around you. You never know how much your smile can change someone’s day. Instead of worrying, have the orientation of patience, faith and positivity. Things may seem precarious right now but all positive actions are rewarded. You may not see immediate results but the more you choose peace of mind and faith instead of worrying, the more peace you will find.




Listening to your head without first engaging your heart will often remind you of all the things that can go wrong for you. Listening to your heart will offer alternative thoughts on every situation and give you a better understanding of how to navigate your problems. If others have caused you pain, listen with your heart the next time someone comes into your life. You will be able to prevent future pain by choosing the people your heart agrees are good for you. This means that judging by external appearances or by any other reason than what’s good for you can lead to pain. If this hasn’t worked for you in the past,  (looks are only what’s on the outside; it’s what’s inside that counts) learn this lesson now.


happiness can only come when you're on the rt path


Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right path is for you. Since we can’t see the future, if we live our lives with intentions of causing others no harm, with generosity of spirit and kindness, we will be building futures of happiness for ourselves. This doesn’t mean we won’t face challenging times. Life is about lessons we experience through our interactions and relationships. These lessons can be painful for sure, but the goal is to learn the message of the lesson the first time so it doesn’t have to show up again.





This can be one of the hardest concepts to accept, yet everything works out the way it is intended to work. You may need many things to happen first before you can accept what you believe you want. If the perfect person for you steps into your life too early, you won’t recognize them and will have lost that opportunity. If you think you want a particular resolution or outcome, but you aren’t ready for that which you desire, many experiences may need to be had in order to prepare you for this outcome.


If  living life the way you have been doing isn’t working out, change the way you view life. Nothing external to you can change until you change. It’s time to quit feeling like a Victim. When you spend time feeling like life and people have victimized you, you are lowering your vibration so much, it’s difficult for you to attract higher vibrational people and experiences to you. Positive people like to be around others whom they can harmonize with. Deciding to leave past pain in the past and opening yourself to new adventures and experiences with more positive people will bring greater ease and happiness into your life.


you can control your reactions


Choose to see your life as an adventure, waking up each day with a sense of gratitude for another opportunity to live and learn is the way to go. Gratitude for everything is one of the easiest ways to find yourself happy and content. So, time to quit focusing on what’s wrong and instead, focus on all the things that you can be grateful for. This will bring into your life more happiness and gratitude for what is working.

And remember that staying young, vital and juicy is a matter of letting go of the thoughts and events that weigh you down and cause you to dry up. Life is happening right now in this minute and in each next minute; choose to be engaged in the wonders of life. Maintaining more positive thoughts and actions will keep you young and vibrant. ~ STAY JUICY!

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on June 15, 2015.

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