This message from John 1:1 in the New Testament tells us that the Word is a spiritual energy and that energy is God. From that God Energy comes all things that have ever existed and are yet to be created, eternally . Every bird that has ever flown, every rock and tree, every person different from you, and you, yourself, are all expressions of this God Energy. If everyone and everything is made of God Energy, then everything and everyone is sacred. When we act disrespectfully to nature or to another person, we are distorting the energy of God through our words or actions.


Every word we speak has a vibrational energetic coding that is either high, because our intention is loving, or low, because we just cursed out someone who almost blindsided us. Our utterances either add loving energy or its opposite into the collective God Energy in which we are all connected. All positive spoken words help you and everyone you love and care about. Adding to the negative does the opposite to you and yours. When you understand this, you choose to have intentions of mercy and happiness to all, including yours. The more people who do this, the sooner we will get to that state of Grace.





We are constantly given another chance to redeem our bad behavior. Life gives us every next day to do it differently, to make kinder choices, to show more compassion. No matter what mistakes you’ve made and choices you regret, every next day you awake gives you another chance to change the trajectory of your life. Are you making choices that feed your soul, help others and make you feel proud of yourself ? You can only do this if every choice you make is life affirming; meaning with an attitude and intention of becoming a true reflection of the God Energy you are made of and promoting healing in everyone’s path you cross.



all we have is now- tolle



There is always only now, this day, this minute and then the next. Living each day with honor and gratitude, respecting all, leads to a happier, more ease-filled life. It doesn’t take long to see the difference in your life as soon as you smile more, have faith and hope of God’s perfect intentions for you. His Plan is the best for us. We are afraid to trust this so we make choices and take actions out of fear.


Every day we open our eyes to a new morning, we are blessed beyond measure because we get to live out another day. Another day of choices and opportunity to choose happiness for ourselves and others is so valuable. Yet it takes looking into the mirror squarely and owning yourself, warts and all. No one is imperfect since we are all living expressions of the Word, God’s Love for us. Since you are perfect exactly as you are in this moment, you will find it easier to accept and love yourself the more you can look in the mirror. Choosing integrity, transparency and self-love makes living life easier.



as i began to love myself



When you love yourself, you cease judging others and finding fault because you know that only God understands the big picture and that it’s your job to help other people see the divine Godly Energy they are made of so they can also learn to love themselves. This is the answer to all problems on the planet. Love thy brother as you love yourself only works if you love yourself first.


Love yourself unconditionally. Know, as Louse Hays says in her new book Life Loves You that you are loveable. Let life love you today and every next day and ~ STAY JUICY!

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on May 17, 2015.


  1. Hi Lorraine, I love this….thank you!!


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