This is a post from three years ago that is always so relevant, I thought I’d repost it.

Lorraine E. Castro, LMFT


Thoreau said “There must be the generating force of love behind every effort destined to be successful.”

This couldn’t be truer. Every effort you make that has the intention of loving service to others will generate success for you. What have you accomplished in your life that has satisfied you most and filled your soul? If you think about the events and accomplishments you are most proud of, they were probably motivated by love. This could have been the love of a sport, a hobby, a job, anything. You could have put that extra effort into something that made your parents proud when you were younger. As an adult, the loving effort you put into relationships has gained you good friends and rewarding experiences. The essence of love lies beneath every successful action. Love is a strong motivator.

What you might consider is that the greatest of this love must be for yourself. If that…

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~ by Lorraine E. Castro on May 4, 2015.

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