Not really, but some days lately have felt very odd. Are there times you feel crazy and challenged simply getting through the day? Some mornings I wake up and know it’s going to be a strange one from the minute I get out of bed. You know that weird feeling of being out of synch with yourself, like you’re in a time warp or your brain synapses aren’t firing right?  Come on, you know you’ve been wondering what’s going on.


Have no fear, you’re not going crazy. You are simply at the mercy of unseen factors that affect us all, like the fact that Mercury is retrograde, whatever that might mean to you. The planet is spinning faster and time has decided to speed up and send us whirling into a different way of being. We must accept this, whether we understand the particulars or not. It’s Not 1994 Anymore! Back then if someone told you about some of the inventions we have right now, they would have sounded like wild ideas. And that was only 11 years ago! There were no smartphones, no iPads, no flat-screen or 3D TVs,  and, imagine this, no Google, no Netflix, no Dropbox.


If you aren’t someone who follows astrological changes or even believes in them, no worries. They will continue to happen and affect you anyway. For instance, the recent supermoon total solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox probably stirred up some powerful emotions in your personal life. As 2015 turns from winter to spring, we enter a time when light equals darkness / balance.  We’re headed for many more of these events in the sky that unquestionably affect our lives. Watch the total lunar eclipse on April 4th for something profound. Metaphysically, all of these rare astrological events colliding at once is like a wave stripping away what no longer serves us and sending us on a new journey. You don’t have to know this, but it would help you make sense of the changes you are going through. Otherwise, you might be tempted to look for reasons around you for these unsettling feelings. It’s not about your job, although you may hate it anyway. It’s not about your relationships. If you are alive on the planet right now, just as in any other time in history, life is changing.

ego vs. soul

There is so much more than what we can perceive in the world around us. Not too many years from now, we will teach children about all the other factors besides the traditional materials they will need to know as they grow up. But no matter what we teach, we can never move away from the basic principles of operating as a human being. We have been living in our egos for way too long. Each of us views our own life as the important one, with everyone else just collaterally existing in Our world. You know this is true. With so many millions of us on the planet conceptualizing this way, it’s no wonder we don’t feel responsible for other people and the planet as a whole. Yet we are all linked, all connected. If we could all live from our hearts, we would never judge others for their choices. Because someone is a different race, religion, identified gender or different in any way, simply means that their soul is manifesting in a manner different than yours. There is no reason to hate, war against or condemn anyone who looks, thinks or identifies in a way that seems foreign or strange to you.

Your heart listened to would only advise compassion, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and unity. Your ego will always make you suspect anything that doesn’t fit within the parameters of what you believe is acceptable.  How will we ever get to a united world that understands our natural resources are limited and we must find ways to share with all?

best medicine is love

Find love in your heart for everyone. The more you live out of your ego, the unhappier your life will become. We are each responsible for our thoughts and actions because each of these affect the collective unconscious, that unseen energy we all tap into. It’s why people all over the globe can dream similar dreams, have fairytales with similar archetypal players. Every negative thought increases the collective negativity and each thought of love and unity adds to the positive. Let’s work on pushing the positive in order to change the global consciousness.

So the next time you feel like you’re experiencing a weird, difficult or trying day, don’t look for causes around you. Look within and know the elements are pushing us to evolve as souls. Make a practice of finding the good in everyone and imagine how wonderful life would be if we could all just get along.

And as always, ~ STAY JUICY!

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on March 26, 2015.

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