I hear many people making comments about getting old and starting to slow down or feel aches and pains. They talk about needing to get serious now and having to stop fun and frivolity. Every twinge in the knees or joints make them sure arthritis is right around the corner. Okay, if these comments were coming from “old” people, I would get it. But we’re talking about 30 year olds and up who look like they think it’s all over and they have to play Atlas supporting the weight of the world on his shoulders. Aches and pains? Tell them to go away and ignore them. If you focus on these aches and fear the worst, that’s what will manifest in your life. Where your attention goes, there you create. In other words, what you choose to focus on is what you will see in front of your eyes. You can talk yourself in or out of anything.




all we have is right now


If you are going to waste your time feeling old because 16 year olds look so young to you and since you’re past your twenties, feeling life is all downhill from now on, you are wasting your time and your life! We only have right now. Really. You go to bed at night and through the glorious arrangement of God, you get to wake up the next morning and live another day. You have experiences with other people that show you how you view the world and what issues you still need to work on. Hopefully at the end of the day you’ve taken inventory and learned the lessons of those interactions and experiences. Then you go to bed, and through the miracle of life, wake up yet another day to further improve your consciousness through more new or even recreations of some of the same though slightly altered experiences because it’s clear to your spirit that you haven’t quite gotten that particular lesson yet.


you have one life


This is what you have; a series of days that you string together and call your life. Why waste any day thinking about getting older or feeling bad about yourself for any reason? Of course you’re getting older. The only alternative is death, right? Life is the choice. Life is about enjoying every experience and thanking God for the sheer amazement of being alive. Each day is an opportunity to recognize the incredible freedom and gift of having another chance to say the right thing to someone, to make amends for errors and to just appreciate the beauty and splendor of nature. Each day you drag yourself out of bed and grump through the day is a day you miss enjoying that you’ll never get back again. Why waste any of these precious opportunities?



everything happens when it needs to happen


So stop worrying about when your true love will finally show up or the fact that you don’t have as much as other people seem to have (you may also not have their debt).  Wake up eager to find out what kind of lessons life has to offer you this day and recognize everyone you interact with is a gift, offering you a mirror of self-reflection. If someone ticks you off, it’s your issue. You spot it, you got it! So what; we’ve all got issues. How about having fun and remembering how to be playful and carefree? Life passes far too quickly not to enjoy the ride. It’s the journey that counts. Like James Taylor’s lyrics state, The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.



fill minds with beautiful thoughts beautiful place


More people admire you than you will ever know. You’ve touched people lives indelibly even though you may never see or know the results of your actions. You know this is true because people have done this same thing for you. Be someone who has a healing uplifting effect on people in your life.  Always hold on to your sense of humor because life can be tough, but if we remember to take things in stride, to enjoy the passage of time, to be grateful for the best things life offers like love, family and all the gifts God provides, we can be free and have fun living each day to the maximum.


be happy for no reason


Be someone who bravely faces their life and embraces all the ups and downs, all the challenges and has fun doing it. Remember that age is a mindset. If you feel old, you will act and appear old. If you decide to be ageless, to always remember the child within and to wake each morning with the anticipation of a child, you will stay young always. That’s the secret to staying vital and appealing. It’s an inside job!


~ by Lorraine E. Castro on January 19, 2015.

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