Fighting against anything creates a bigger push back, which brings more of what you don’t want coming toward you. All the energy we put into fighting against what we don’t want, brings more of this to us. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Remember the law of attraction? Whatever you focus on is what you create more of in your life. This is really how it works. The more you have thoughts of unhappiness and fear, the more you experience the exact things you don’t want, unhappiness and fear. You must change your thoughts to change your experiences.

Look at the war on drugs, things are worse in that arena than ever before. There are more people dying of methamphetamines and other designed drugs than in any time in history. Has our “war” on drugs stopped anything or has that war caused us to spend millions and millions of dollars on a losing battle because we’re using the wrong strategies?

Wars on anything focus our energy on the war, not on the solution. People use drugs for many reasons, mostly having to do with feeling unloved and scared. Warring against the drugs doesn’t change anything because we aren’t addressing the cause for the drug use, merely the symptom.

There are ways to change things that have nothing to do with fighting against them. You have to find a way to look at the situation with hope. If you’re just angry at the government for everything, you aren’t helping. The more agitated you get about any situation, the more you feed it with the energy of your fear and unhappiness.

Depending on how you feel, you make yourself a part of the solution or continue to support the problem with your fear, anger or anguish.

So what can you do to change yourself, the world, anything at all? One way is to pray with hope and focus on the outcome you’d prefer instead. If you’re lonely and afraid no one will ever love you (a very common fear), you can imagine yourself spending time with someone you admire and want to be with. The more you think about all the wonderful things you could do with that person, the sooner you will bring that person into your life. There’s more than one person for everyone on the planet. If you’re open to having a rewarding relationship, you can attract someone through your positive belief, hope and faith and this will happen.

If you want to end the war on anything, say poverty for example, you must envision a world where all people are accepted and everyone collaborates toward the good of all. I’m not saying this will end the rule of corrupt politicians or murder, but it will converge with others wishing the same outcome and things will gradually change. On a global level, there has always been corruption and murder as well as everything else we fight against. Since these factors have been around forever, obviously warring and fighting against them doesn’t work.

Changing anything is a process. This time in the history of our planet is the most auspicious for positive change. Don’t waste any more time fighting anything. Be part of the solution you wish to see, whether in your personal life or in the world. And don’t expect to see any changes if you are perpetuating any of the reasons these conditions exist.

By that, I mean that if you are someone who excludes people from consideration for a good life because of their ethnicity, religion, personal choices etc., you are helping perpetuate hate and separateness. If you want to be happy, feel contended and loved, you must wish this for everyone and mean it!

So what exactly are you fighting against in your own life? Consider focusing on a solution instead of the problem and add to the global consciousness of others wishing for peace and harmony in their own lives as well as others.

Become part of the solution by having the hope and faith that everyone can live in dignity and love, including yourself. ~ Stay Juicy!

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on May 27, 2012.

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