Are you challenged by how fast time is flying by? Are you afraid your opportunities are passing you by and you’ll never feel the success, love, or whatever you’re dreaming about? Whatever you wish for can only happen through an internal change. You have to believe what you wish for is possible. Then you have to change the way you look at these desires, since only you can make them come true.

You have everything you need inside of you already. Seek the best in yourself and you will always find it. Be gentle to yourself and everyone else. Remember not to take yourself so seriously. Life is an adventure you can enjoy or fear. If you can imagine that everyone has pain, desires, and challenges just as you do, you can find the compassion you need for yourself and everyone else.

Bring peace and harmony into your life by accepting everything. Whether an experience is fun or painful, your life has been constructed to help you learn the lessons of Earth school. Every experience is valuable and has a lesson you need to have, or you wouldn’t be there experiencing it. Life must be viewed by a larger perspective than we usually view it. What kind of things keep happening to you? Pay attention. Those are the lessons hidden in the experiences that you must each learn or repeatedly trip over.

You are responsible for your life. When you take control over your thoughts and actions, you control your life. This isn’t to say you will enjoy or even like everything that happens to you. Yet the choices and your responses to the events of your life in relation to the surprises of life will always be in your control. If you look at a particularly unpleasant or painful experience as a lesson, you will learn from it. You will better understand what choices, beliefs or focus brought about the experience in the first place. Change those beliefs and your life will change.

It’s actually so easy, yet when we make ourselves feel victimized and plagued by our lives rather than learn from them, that very same lesson must revisit us, usually in another form but with the same message. So much of the pain we undergo is a direct response to our own fear of it happening. There are only two ways to approach life; one is from fear and the other from love.

Fear offers limited options. When you’re afraid, you can run, hide or fight. Every other response comes from love. Who wants to live the limited life of fear-based existence? Probably none of us. It’s just the way things are. We were raised by parents who viewed life as scary and out of their control. This was also their parents and every prior generation’s belief. Life happens to you, right? Yes, life happens to you alright. The way you react, and handle life is completely up to you and within your power.

So how can you create a happy life? Simply by remembering to put all experiences in perspective. Everything is a blessing. You’re alive in the most exciting time of our history. The current state of world political climate and Covid events might have you doubt this.

We are creatures of habit. We don’t want anything to change because we feel safe in our habitual lives. Yet our politics and self-serving ways have bitten us in the butt, and we haven’t developed a global consciousness of love and harmony yet. That’s why our infrastructures are being shaken up and falling apart. It’s a good thing. It looks like Armageddon, but things are being shaken up because there was dense, negative energy being generated by our collective greed, hatred, envy and competitiveness.

We have a unique opportunity to look both beyond ourselves and within ourselves. What do we do personally to perpetuate unhappiness in the world? What do we do to perpetuate unhappiness within ourselves? I’ll bet fear is behind every answer. God is Love. Let’s live fearlessly! It starts by choosing to respond to everything from love rather than fear. It happens when we are charitable and think kindly of everyone we meet, including ourselves. Look for the best in everyone and you will find it.

Have a harmonious nature within and your world will match this. We create what we believe. Imagine creating what you really desire. I’m not talking about a red convertible. I mean something you desire to do or create and are passionate about. Maybe something wild and different. Anything you truly desire comes to from your passion. Imagine the ease and peace that comes from doing something you love accepting yourself and everyone else as divine children of God, regardless of what form they appear in. You are blessed beyond your knowledge. And more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Relax into faith. The greatest things can be accomplished by faith, hope and love. A great attitude makes you appreciate and have gratitude for everything. You can create a happy life for yourself. The only thing standing in your way is your fear. Live from your heart day by day and that fear will fade.

Remember, enjoy your life and ~ Stay Juicy!

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on May 18, 2012.


  1. Thanks, Christine! I’m excited to follow your posts. I see we have similar ideas, plus I can’t wait to try some of your yummy recipes! Blessings!


  2. Thanks for following my blog Lorraine! I hope you enjoy your visits, have a great weekend!


    • Christine, I really appreciate you sharing my blog with your folks. I think we both want to help everyone feel as grateful for life as we do.


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