Did you notice how fresh everything felt as the year turned new this time? Have you seen any differences in the people around you? This is your opportunity to reinvent yourself. Unlike every past year, this is the beginning of a whole new age.

The age of Pisces was about materialism, industry and growth. We sure did that as a people. Some of us got carried away and saw material gain as the end all be all and entered into unscrupulous partnerships toward that end. Big news for them. With the advent of technology that keeps morphing faster than we can keep track, we are beginning to enter an age of Transparency. Dirty dealings and selfishly motivated choices that harm the general public are hitting the social media as fast as they occur.

This is the age of Aquarius. The ’60’s brought the hippies who first felt a sense of new freedom arising. They may have gone overboard in their interpretations of what that freedom was about, but we are really feeling it now. We are moving into a new stage in our history as people. Everyone on the planet has the opportunity to change to a more responsible approach to their own happiness and to their obligation to be of service to others. Embrace the fact that your personal happiness and well-being is inextricably linked to that of everyone else’s happiness. We are all connected. Every choice we make, every thought we have, every action we take will lead us forward toward peace of mind and ease or the opposite.

The undeniable fact of cause and effect predicts exactly that. This phenomenon has been easy to ignore in the past. When the consequences of something we did finally caught up to us, we thought of the effects as a random occurence. It won’t be that easy to discount the cause and effect of our actions anymore. I’m beginning to see really quick turnarounds these days. Make selfish decisions and they will bite you in the butt a lot sooner than in past times.

So the obvious decision is for us to embrace change and realize we have no other option. The effects of bad choices will begin to haunt us in ways we couldn’t track before. Do you remember thinking you couldn’t wait until so and so got their comeuppance when they did something really evil or negative to you? You won’t have to wait until they get old and suffer later.

Either you wish and prayer for everyone the same things you wish and pray for yourself and the ones you love, or you won’t have it either. We are more than similar to one another, regardless of race, ethnicity or any other factor. We are all the same. Embrace this and go forth doing good, spreading love and compassion and your life will be blessed.


~ by Lorraine E. Castro on March 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “EMBRACING CHANGE”

  1. Beautiful words that ring so true! Thank you for these powerful and timely downloads; please keep them coming.


    • You are the singlemost reason I have this blog. Thanks to you for starting it up for me or I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity to practice my walking around ministry of peace and love.


  2. The company I used to work for loved to embrace change. A little too much. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the sales much, and they were always looking for the latest and newest sales technique. Marketing firms just loved the company–even though the company had a marketing department of it’s own. 🙂


    • Change doesn’t have to have anything to do with buying new things. I’m sure that company got into trouble pursuing all the latest zoom zooms and wham whams. Flash and dazzle only go so far. Ultimately it’s really about the service and the product.

      Practically everyone I know is being challenged to step up to new challenges that rock their worlds…not always in a good way. We have to keep adapting or the world passes us by and we become superfluous. I think we are going to find that staying young is about staying relevant in a world that keeps moving and changing.


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