The Good You Do Comes Back To You

How well do you understand the concept of karma? Some people think of karma as a big stick in the sky waiting to whack you upside your head for past bad deeds. Actually, karma is simply the inescapable law of cause and effect. What you focus on is what you create coming back toward you. If you have loving intentions, thoughts and words, they will come back to you in the form of positive effects. It’s easy to believe our words, thoughts and actions are not affecting anyone but it’s not that simple. Everything we think, say or do affects the collective unconscious, which connects and influences every one of us. Therefore, those negative thoughts or words you put out ultimately affect yourself, the people you love and everyone else.

We are each conscious fields of intention. We send out energetic messages that directly affect those we concentrate on. This idea will begin to be better understood as we become more familiar with the concepts of metaphysical quantum mechanics and begin seeing the consequences of our actions right before our eyes. If our thoughts are kind and loving in intention, we are adding to the balance of positivity in that collective. When we curse others, speak ill of someone, engage in reductive gossiping or similar behaviors or thoughts, we send out negative energy that actually affects that person. Negative thoughts are like stray bullets. They actually affect the person thought ill of as well as pollute the collective unconscious with even greater negativity. Lord knows we’ve got plenty of that out there already.

If you imagine that your every thought is a prayer, you could seriously consider what it is you think about. If you wish good, that good comes back to you tenfold. It may not happen the first time you decide to change your thoughts and intentions toward others for the good. It might not show itself in the form you expect it, but good will come to you.

Remember the times in your life when someone has shown you mercy? Weren’t you grateful for being given another chance, help, or whatever form that mercy took? Everyone needs mercy. The more you step up and go out of your way to help another, the more mercy and blessings you will experience within your own life.

Practicing this behavior ongoing will prove to you that the good you do comes back to you.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on February 15, 2012.

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