Personal Transformation

Carlos Castaneda said something like One day I finally realized I no longer needed a personal history and just like drinking, I gave it up. And that in itself made all the difference.

Imagine not carrying around all the old pain and suffering anymore. We can let the pain go, let go of the tremendous amount of energy required to stay suffering. All of these hurtful experiences are part of our egos, nothing to do with our souls. The physical five senses world is 1% of reality. In that 1% world, we live unconscious, societially programmed lives that are limiting by the rules of our five senses.  Quantum physics has proven there is so much more than what is measurable by seeing, touching, feeling, hearing or measuring.

We all have two voices; that of the ego or false self and the voice of our soul. The ego carries the 1% world information and fights to keep our personal histories alive.

We can decide to become the vast spacious limitlessness of our souls instead. The 99% invisible world is spacious and quantum.

Getting to this place requires a shift to trust. Trust that the mystery of life is wonderous and anything you can imagine is possible. Your imagination is the greatest gift you have. It can help you get in touch with the infinite world available to you. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

The choice comes down to living your life out of fear or love. Choosing to live from love isn’t difficult. It just means understanding that you and everybody else are exactly the same. If we wish good health and abundance for ourselves and our families, we can only have this if we wish it for everyone else as well. We are all connected. Everything we think, say or do affects everything and everyone else. Yet we believe this illusion of separation.

We can choose to live extraordinary lives by embracing the expansiveness of present time and having the space to do so because we have given up the need for a personal history. All we have is present time; this moment and the next as they occur. Our pasts are irretrievable. Why would we want to live in an experience that’s no longer relevant rather than enjoying the fact that we are alive and vital right now.

Our story is not us. We are greater than our stories because we are timeless, ageless souls.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on November 19, 2011.

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