What’s Going On in Our Crazy World or “Quick Karma”

Have you noticed how time is speeding up? Every year goes by more quickly. Remember how long summer vacations used to be when you were in grade school? Now, the months fly by.  We feel the change because time in the linear sense really is quickening. I am noticing what I call “quick karma” in many situations where someone has done something ill intended to another and soon after, there appears a negative consequence of some sort. I remember thinking as a younger person that karma reaches someone when they are old, as every case of comeupance I saw seemed to take forever to boomerang back. Now I am seeing amazingly quick consequences visited upon evil doers.

Let me define “evil doers”. I’m not just speaking of the obvious evil despots and rulers of the world. I am speaking about anyone who is ill-intended, who participates in negative behavior causing harm to others.

We are moving toward the age of transparency. In the not too distant future, we will be able to use our intuitive powers to a greater degree. We will be able to discern instantly if someone has nefarious intentions and to avoid them altogether. I am already noticing how often I read the minds of those I love. Can you imagine a world where we all have to have good intentions or we will become instantly transparent as to our true motivation?

Look what’s happening around the globe as disenfranchised citizens living in repressive countries are deciding to protest and fight for individual freedom. Parts of our world are still operating as if this were The Dark Ages. In our new and ever-growing global consciousness, we are beginning to understand that disparity in human rights and treatment affects us all. The collective unconscious  affects us all. Where there is pain and suffering anywhere, our own pain will continue to be reinforced and will flourish.

If you are someone who prays, know anything you wish for yourself and loved ones must be wished for the entire world. We are our brother’s keepers because we are all connected. If we could hear the collective unconscious scream, we would understand that most people are unhappy, feel isolated and unloved. These are people who have material goods, who live in comfort and who look like they are “making it”. In fact, the internal landscape of most people is littered with pain and feelings of betrayal. If we are to heal as people, we must see everyone else as an extension of ourselves. We must wish the best for everyone and try our best to be instruments of grace and healing.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on February 15, 2011.

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