Brave New World

Most of us have noticed that our worlds are spinning faster than ever before. Relationships we thought were forever have fallen aside as we watch in wonder and confusion. Remember all the hoopla about the world ending in 2012 based on the ending of the Mayan calendar? The world isn’t ending, just the way we have played out living in our world. If we don’t change to a more compassionate, honest and conscious people of the world, we will undoubtedly do ourselves in.

Relationships are either falling aside or strengthening. We are moving toward a time of transparency. We will all be able to tell what is true and who is false, simply by reconnecting to our hearts and gut feelings (intuition). Imagine being able to “read” other people using God-given skills we have always held, but are just now remembering how to use. We may look to be in chaos but we are evolving as a people.

Fortunately, I see evidence of this every day. Even American Idol has been an example for all of us to see. The candidates are showing an amazing array of humility, gratitude and team spirit. They are all great role models of the new era of unity. In fact, I am heartened all the time with examples of people of all ages being good role models.

We are about to redo many of our Archetypes. If this is a new term to you, check out Carolyn Myss at for information. We all operate out of Archetypes that overlight our behavior, reactions and relationships. Understanding the Archetypes you are playing out helps you understand yourself and the reasons for your choices.

Anyway, our old Archetypes need updating. It’s like the government; it hasn’t been reorganized since the days of black and white television. Everything needs revamping. The old stereotype of The Lovers Archetype lacks the modern sensibilities of people today. We need to see couples of all ages who are mutually respectful, loving and inclusive. We need to heal The Wounded Child Archetype so that we can all operate out of The Gifted Child Archetype instead.

Everyone can be respected and appreciated for the skills they bring. We need everyone.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on March 9, 2011.

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