So Much For Good Intentions

I really intended to blog on a weekly basis and already I’m off my plan. Life seems to happen in all the inconvenient times and places. So much for good intentions.

My computer at work was giving me grief, refusing to open up Excel files plus a list of other non-operations. Then it rained for six days, the main water pipe broke, drowning the ancient wiring in the basement at work. I thought it would be great to work from home but somehow the supervision of staff can’t be done remotely.

After three weeks, I’m back online at work, which is very helpful because now I can actually work.

After reading how to query agents from numerous sources, I really get the idea and have no doubt my querying attempts years ago were all met with non- response because I had a boring query letter. Thank goodness email querying is becoming more popular in the agencies. I can’t remember how many manilla folders and stamps I bought to mail out to the agents I researched as interested in my genre. Way too many envelopes, stamps and effort.

Yet, I am writing still. Writing is a critical part of my personality; writing and reading. So, I will write when I can because I know that everything works out in the proper time, not always my sense of soon enough but patience is a great behavior to practice learning.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on February 4, 2011.

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