You probably have no idea how appealing you are to other people. You probably don’t notice the admiring looks you get because you’re so caught up in self-criticism, the truth doesn’t filter through that thick fog of self-doubt. Everyone is amazing, you just need to believe this first yourself.

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If you don’t like some aspect of yourself, like your weight or another physical trait, do something about it. Lord knows I’ve spent years unhappy about the extra 20 pounds I carry around without making the effort to simply walk more. I know that works. Eat less, walk more. It works every time. Yet the only time I followed my own advice was when I had a job that required I walk over the entire facility so much, I naturally looked 20 pounds thinner. Was I happier and did I feel better about myself? Absolutely! Did that motivate me to stay thinner? Apparently not. We sabotage ourselves and our happiness so many ways.

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If you’ve never challenged yourself, you’ll never know how much you can transform the aspects of yourself that make you unhappy. Don’t follow trends first of all. Just because it’s the in hair style or fashion doesn’t mean it works for you. Look in the mirror. Assess who you really are and what looks best on you in all areas, and stick with that. Stop chasing uniformity and trying to fit in. Be your own role model and others will admire you for being unique and true to yourself.

Stop this very minute thinking you are getting old. Your thoughts create your reality. If you get a few twinges in your knees and you start thinking “I’m getting old”, or “That’s grandma Fanny’s arthritis showing up in me”, these things will come true. They don’t have to. YOU CREATE YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE THROUGH YOUR THOUGHTS, BELIEFS AND CHOICES. You can tell the knee twinges to get lost and if your family has arthritis, just say “Pass!” and stick with that attitude. You don’t have to follow the rest of the pack walking around glorifying Victoria Secret models as the epitome of nubile female perfection. If everyone looked like these models, it would be a boring world.




Everything you say and think is taken literally by your unconscious as fact, even when you’re kidding and even when you’re being sarcastic. Saying “This job is killing me” over and over can result in a gradual downturn of health. Anyone who tells me something is “to die for” makes me want to run in the opposite direction. I WANT TO LIVE FOR EVERYTHING. Watch your words and thoughts. They could be harmful to your health!

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They’ve proven this fact of science in studies where they performed an experiment with the a group of observer predisposed to a positive outcome and another group to a negative outcome. The experiment where the observers believed it work, worked. The group observing the very same controlled experiment expecting it to fail, failed. This study has been replicated many times with the same results. OUR BELIEFS CREATE OUR REALITY!

This means you will create whatever you tell yourself is the story of your life. Pay attention to what your head is saying to you as you walk through your day. Lots of those thoughts are self-critical, demeaning of others and fear-based. If your thoughts are the caldron within which you create, wouldn’t it be more fun to have happy, positive, loving thoughts swirling around in there?

So start becoming conscious in ways you never dreamt of before. Understand that words and thoughts are powerful….that they actually create your experience. If everyone understood that, they wouldn’t keep saying they were getting old. They would focus instead on how wonderful the breeze felt as they walked down the familiar streets of their neighborhood. They would concentrate on having positive happy thoughts and experiences instead.

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You can stay young and vital if you practice being and having the attitude that you are in control of your life in every moment. Yes, I get caught up in drama too. Who doesn’t? But drama doesn’t have to rule your life, make you unhappy and give you an ulcer. Lighten up! Always remember what it’s like to play and have fun. Find reasons to laugh. If you’re a happy person who generously shares their good humor, everyone will want to hang with you.

Stay juicy! That’s what it’s all about. If you have the kind of personality that makes you bitter about life, you will dry up and wither away. I’ve seen the most juicy 80 year olds who were adorable and engaging because they wore big inviting smiles and you wanted to be around them. You don’t lose that with age; you lose it through attitude.

Like Albert Einstein said,”We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” If you haven’t found the right solution to your problems, you have to think a different way. Start with this thought……

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Most of the time I come across folks who are stuck, I notice that’s largely because they think there’s only one solution. I believe most of us are similar. We immediately look at the worst possible scenario and never consider that we have other options or possibilities. Then fear and anxiety take a strangle hold of our brain and we can’t get out of its grip.

Good news. We always have more solutions than we know about. If you’re stuck, drop me a note and I’ll help you figure it out.



~ by Lorraine E. Castro on September 28, 2012.

8 Responses to “YOU ARE AMAZING! ~ STAY JUICY!”

  1. great article and after being widowed, such good advice. Thank you for voicing what I should be thinking. Viki Davis [ high school friend of Stephen’s]


    • Viki, so glad to know the post was helpful. Starting off again after such a serious event can be daunting. Let me know if I can help with anything specific. Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Lorraine:
    These are always so inspiring. Thanks!

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  3. Your blog showed up just at the right time…no accidents. As you know, I am going through a challenging time and I sometimes just come home and cry and let it all hang out, but as soon as I get that out of my system, I need to create my own experience and not let others write my story. My story is incredibly positive and as a light worker in a field that desperately needs illumination, I must remember there will be those who thrive on the darkness and hide in the shadows. In order to expose them, it takes guts. I have always been a fighter against injustice and in order to truly fulfill this destiny, I must embrace my own uniqueness. As you say, I must create my own reality, and in my reality, the quirky underdogs always defeat the perfect top dogs! Once again, your blog is so insightful and it is helping me get off my perfect ass…I resisted the urge to add “fat” ….and start fighting the good fight and loving myself along the way!


    • Vicki, you are right where you belong, bringing light to a very dark area of our society, as you say. This time in history will illustrate a challenge to the medevil thinking and belief that any of us are less than any other. You are exactly where you can utilize your bright, inclusionary personality to help change lives. That doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. But as long as you remember that the quirky underdogs are the ones who stand up and buck the reductive mentality of the crowds and ultimately win, you will be fine.
      God put you in this position because you are strong and because you will make that difference.

      I suggest you think of this less as a battle and more of as an opportunity to participate in a transformative time in history. Your uniqueness is why you will make those changes in a barbaric, heartless system. You will prevail! Believe in yourself!


  4. This is a wonderful forum for young people . To learn they have options of expression before they become influenced by the outside world. Mothers teach your children to love themselves as much as you love them.


    • Thank you. I agree Karen. So many people don’t have a strong supportive beginning to their lives. Many people feel insecure and inadequate and our society is quick to reinforce those beliefs.


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