When you were born, you came in knowing you were an angelic soul coming straight from God. What your family believed life was about, created the life you lived. The experiences you had reinforced the person you were becoming while your unique inner self kept interpreting all this information. By the time you were five-years-old, you had an overall view of life that included the attitudes you have developed about yourself. Most of those attitudes are negative.

Literally 90% of what you think is true about yourself is false. Life taught you lies. You began to forget your angelic roots. Because you learned to ignore the inner truth of your divinity, you began to see yourself in a negative light.

Each time someone told or showed you by their actions that you were “powerless” or “wrong”, or “not good enough”, you changed. You started believing what others were telling you. Every time a toddler hears “I told you not to touch that!” and gets their hand slapped, that’s another negative hit. It doesn’t matter that the parent is usually doing that to help the child learn. The tone and slap convey “you are bad”. You begin to believe that.

Didn’t you always want your parents to describe you as a “Good” boy or girl? So you tried really hard to be perfect but you knew you couldn’t be. No one can be perfect by society’s view. We have too many opinions about what “perfect” means.

No one told you the truth, because they didn’t know it either. There was no explanation that who you are as a person is intrinsically always good. You are faultless as an innocent baby. Your behavior is what is in question. Yet I bet you still judge every action you take and everybody else’s actions too. It’s pounded in our brains. Judgment is what we are doing constantly against ourselves and everyone else.

This is because you go from innocent, pure goodness to someone who is socialized in a way that makes them feel inadequate and unhappy. All the negative feedback we’ve gotten has created our negative self-images and fears of being unloveable. We’ve been born into a world that fails to realize we are all exactly the same, unique expressions of the God force. We are all loveable. And in fact, if every one of us felt loved, we would all be closer to that understanding and unity.

So, love yourself first. recognize your own divine nature and realize you are always loved, always supported by the endless connection to spirit and all that is. Allow yourself to feel the infinite supply of divine love available to you. There will come a day when suddenly you’ll feel that love welling up and bubbling out of you. And then you will know you have so much love, you can let it overflow for everyone else. And we will all heal each other.

Stay Juicy~




~ by Lorraine E. Castro on March 20, 2012.

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