I wrote this post years ago and just reread it. Still true today. I wanted to share it with you.

Lorraine E. Castro, LMFT

All of us have a limited time here. We can focus on what we are unhappy about and wish was different, or we can embrace the fact we’re alive. If we want to enjoy our time here, we need to find ways to live life with balance and appreciation. Not so easy, right? You look around and see the government in trouble, friends out of work and everything seeming to be falling apart. There doesn’t appear to be much to appreciate. However, becoming distracted by how things look on the outside is deceiving. Across time, how many crazy groups have “drunk the koolaid” or performed other radical acts because they thought the world was ending. They honestly felt there was so much evil, damage, or whatever, that life couldn’t possibly go on. Well, here we still are. We’ve made lots of mistakes and screwed up our environment but we’re still…

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~ by Lorraine E. Castro on September 24, 2013.


  1. Thanks for ‘re-sharing’!! How are you coming along with publishing? Did I tell you about CreateSpace as an option?

    Nada Yorke, LCSW

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    9530 Hageman Rd. Suite B137

    Bakersfield, CA 93312





    • Thanks, Nada. I’m still editing my book and trying to find time to write all the many things I want to. CreateSpace is a self-publishing site, right? I’ve heard of it but never explored seriously. Have you used it yourself? If so, what did you think? You’re always so resourceful!


  2. Your post hits upon so many themes in my life and my mother’s. I may have shared with you before that she lost her mother at 2 years old and her father left to seek work since they lived in poverty in the mountains of Kentucky. She was bounced around and abused although she only briefly shared this with me a few years ago when I told her of my own experience. She persevered and graduated second in her class but that fragile upbringing with no motherly protection, has always molded her choices in life. She always wanted to make sure we were never in a precarious position. Then my father was blinded following a Korean War injury so she had to support the family and this I am sure made her even more careful. When I was younger,
    I would say “why are you always worried about the what ifs…let’s just be spontaneous and not worry!” As an adult, I now understand why she was this way, but it did shape me and even though I rebelled, I too have lived in fear in some ways and this impacts your self esteem and ability to experience life to the fullest. Your post illustrates how we should not allow fear to negatively influence our choices. I now try to remember to be cautious when necessary but not fearful. I realize there is a huge distinction. It’s interesting that my father was dealt a huge blow with his blindness but he never let it stop him. I never heard him express any bitterness. He was a great example of not allowing yourself to be a victim. I now try to learn life lessons from both of them. I think it takes quite awhile before you can truly appreciate your parents. I am trying to remember that with my two kids…they might just like me one day! :)Thank you for sharing your insights. They are always a catalyst for self reflection!


    • Vicki, thank you for sharing some of your history and experiences growing up. Those experiences affected who you are of course, and luckily as an adult, you can make choices that better serve you now. We all have challenges to face in our lives. Although we can’t always choose our experiences, we can always choose our reactions to them. When we remember to take responsibility for every word, action and thought, we can work with the challenging experiences, rather than fight or fear them.


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