Do you realize how critical it is to take care of yourself? It’s easy to ignore this but everything you put into your body either helps it flourish and stay functional, or harms you.

I’m watching this fact be played out in folks who have been using meth so long, their insides are mutinying on them.

Can you imagine turning thirty-one and peeing blood because your organs are shot all to hell? It’s gruesome and it’s real.

How about the layers of fat we put on our children because nutrition and all the really helpful facts of life aren’t taught in school. Childhood obesity is second in rise right behind the 50% of our adult population that is obese. How many people are already experiencing diabetes, heart problems and more because they really didn’t realize how bad fast food was for them.

Have you seen the fat gram count on the fast food menus?

And how about the notice on the wall at Burger King and Carl’s Jr. that eating their french fries can adversely affect their unborn child?

Let’s stop letting the food industry get rich on the backs of our children and others who do not know better.

Let’s start putting wholesome food in our bodies.

Let’s help others see by our example what difference it makes.

How about talking to other people about their precious lives?

None of us realizes how dear and precious we all are.

Let’s take care of ourselves and everyone else.

It’s time to appreciate that we are given a life to use for the highest good.

Help yourself to heal. Then help everyone else.

~ by Lorraine E. Castro on August 12, 2011.

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